REVIEW: Blues In Britain Magazine

This review recently appeared in Blues In Britain Magazine (issue 117):

“Tom Attah has a fine line in Dobro and slide guitar, and a voice that is perfectly suited to the blues, with elements of Robert Johnson, John Lee Hooker and  Robert Cray in his vocals, and in his finely honed technique.

With help and support from drummer and percussionist Gordon Rodger the 8 tracks on this mini-album are mostly self written, with repeats of “How Long has it been?” both opening and closing the collection. The only cover is “Catfish Blues” which has fine Dobro and drum interplay. Songs such as “Walking like a Man” and “Thinking Blues” are duets for guitar and voice, whilst the slower pacing of “Parts by Heart” features harmony vocals and a fitting drum part. “Young Man’s Blues” is a stomping blues guitar and vocal piece, whilst the ragtime/piedmont guitar style of “Bam Bam Blues”is a showcase for Attah’s effective harmony singing, and sense of rhythm, featuring a guitar solo that shows of his advanced technique.

The retro elements of the songs do not feel contrived, although they would also suit a more robust arrangement. Although Attah is a fine all round guitarist, he does not play anything too flashy, always putting lyricism as the basis for a song, rather than a grandstanding show of technique which is a trap it is far too easy to fall into.

A fine effort from a talent who should be heard.” – Ben Macnair


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