About Tom

Tom Attah is a Ph.D. graduand, and Popular Music Course Leader at Leeds College of Art and Design.  His thesis examines the effects of technology on blues music and blues culture. Tom’s teaching and blues advocacy includes workshops, seminars, lectures and recitals delivered to learning institutions in the United Kingdom and mainland Europe.

As a guitarist and singer, Tom performs solo, with an acoustic duo and as part of an electric band.  Tom’s solo acoustic work includes his own original Blues compositions and has led to performances at major music festivals around Europe, including major stages at the Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts, the Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival, and Blues Autour Du Zinc.  Tom’s multiple national radio appearances include performances and documentaries for BBC Radio 4.

Tom’s journalistic writing is regularly featured in specialist music publications, including Blues In Britain magazine, and his original research papers and book reviews  are published in several international peer-reviewed  journals.

(March 2017)