Last month I was runner-up in the New Brunswick Battle of the Blues heats in the North.  The first prize is a trip to Canada to participate in the New Brunswick Blues Festival.

I need your support!  The single act who recieves the most votes gets to go to the final in London next month – I need your vote.  Can you help?  I have nearly a thousand fans and if you all took a moment to vote then I am sure to win, I know.

The process only takes a few minutes – here’s what you need to do.

  1. Click this Link:
  2. Scroll down to my video
  3. Click on the video.  A bigger window will open up.
  4. Underneath the video, click on “Log In.”
  5. You will see a registration screen.  Click on “register for free”
  6. Fill in the form.  Be aware of the option regarding the New Brunswick Newsletter.
  7. click “submit”.
  8. Go to your email and click the “confirm email address” link in the mail that will have just arrived.
  9. Log in (again)
  10. Finally, scroll down to my video again, click the 5 stars so that they light up and click “submit”

…and it’s done!  I know that the process seems a little long-winded, but if you can spare a few moments then as I say, I know I can get to the gig in London and be the ONLY BLACK SINGER & GUITAR PLAYER in the Blues competition.

Voting is open until February 28th – thank you in advance!

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